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The CF Pro package is the complete collection of everything Aivia has to offer. You get everything from the CF Go and CF Neuro packages (Base, 2D, 3D, Neuro and machine learning pixel classifier). Additionally, you get Aivia's state-of-the-art Deep Learning models for challenging image analysis applications, 3D Cell Analysis recipe for multi-scale image analysis, and immersive data exploration using virtual reality (VR) technology. Two (2) years of technical support and free software upgrades included with the CF Pro package make sure your facility will always have the most cutting-edge analysis technology available with Aivia. Two (2) additional standard recipes means you get the most value out of Aivia.

Included Modules
  • Includes everything in CF Go and CF Neuro packages (Base, 2D, 3D, object classifier, Neuro)
  • State-of-the-art Deep Learning model for 3DEM reconstruction
  • Immersive Virtual Reality visualization with VR headset included
  • Includes two (2) additional standard recipes
  • Two (2) years of technical support plus software updates included


Aivia Base

The backbone of all Aivia packages. It features high performance volume and surface rendering engines capable of handling even the most demanding (multi-terabyte, multi-channel time series) microscopy datasets. It offers a wide range of visualization models which enables you to explore your data. Basic quantitative options such as Measurement, Spreadsheet, Charts and Annotations are also included with Aivia Base.

2D Count + Tracking

Aivia 2D is an impressive collection of tools for the most common 2D applications. The package includes analysis pipelines ("recipes") for object detection and tracking for fluorescence and phase contrast microscopy images. Select recipes include pre-taught machine learning image enhancement filters to greatly improve image quality for analysis. Editing of the analysis results is possible with the built-in Outline Editor (for objects) and Track Editor (for tracks). This enables you to get to 100% accuracy on the analysis results when critical.

3D Count + Tracking

Aivia 3D provides automated analysis pipelines ("recipes") for object detection and tracking in 3D microscopy images. The recipes use the latest image segmentation algorithm to detect and partition objects based on intensity, size and shape of the object. The tracking recipe tracks object motion over time and automatically detects lineages using an innovative dual-score track matching algorithm based on object motion and intensity. The analysis results are rendered almost instantaneously in 3D view; allowing you to interact with selected objects without interruptions.

3D Cell Analysis

Detect whole cells, nuclei and up to five (5) additional compartments and map the relationship between the various objects.

3D Neuron

Aivia Neuro gives you the fastest automated neuron tracing performance. You can trace dendritic networks in seconds for the most common imaging conditions (with and without visible soma). Extend your analysis further with automatic spine detection included with the recipe. Additionally, Aivia gives you the option to edit the detection results using the Neuron Editor with its intuitive Neuron Pencil tool for tracing missing dendrites and one-click spine creation tool.

Pixel Classifier

You can train a machine learning model to distinguish objects of interest from background. The Pixel Classifier provides a powerful way to detect objects in images where conventional threshold-based methods are not enough.

Machine Learning Object Classifier

The machine learning object classifier allows you to train Aivia to look for specific phenotypes present in your analysis data. Whether you are applying one of the pre-trained classifiers or making one from scratch, Aivia's machine learning approach gives you access to the full wealth of information contained within each object and measurement. You can even discover new phenotypes in your data with Novelty Detection.

Deep Learning

Using a convolutional neural network architecture called U-Net, the Deep Learning module in Aivia lets you quickly segment 3D electron microscopy (3DEM) datasets in minutes instead of weeks. Aivia is the first commercial image analysis on the market to offer deep learning-powerd automated neuron segmentation.

Virtual Reality Visualization

Immerse yourself in your 3D and 4D data in virtual reality (VR). Aivia VR comes with all the pieces (namely, Aivia and HTC Vive VR headset) you need to interactively explore your data in the most natural and intuitive manner.

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