Aivia Viz
Ultra-high performance rendering and immersive data exploration

What You Get

Aivia Base

The backbone of all Aivia packages. It features high performance volume and surface rendering engines capable of handling even the most demanding (multi-terabyte, multi-channel time series) microscopy datasets. It offers a wide range of visualization models which enables you to explore your data. Basic quantitative options such as Measurement, Spreadsheet, Charts and Annotations are also included with Aivia Base.

Virtual Reality Visualization

Immerse yourself in your 3D and 4D data in virtual reality (VR). Aivia VR comes with all the pieces (namely, Aivia and HTC Vive VR headset) you need to interactively explore your data in the most natural and intuitive manner.

The Aivia Viz package gives you the most advanced image visualization tools for your 3D and 3D+time datasets. You can display and interact with huge datasets in seconds; create stunning visuals using the built-in export tools; and explore your data in Virtual Reality (VR). The Aivia Viz package comes with the HTC Vive headset and controllers so you can get start exploring your data right away. Two (2) years of technical support and software updates are included so you will always have the state-of-the-art visualization tool available.


Features at-a-glance
  • Load, display and interact with huge (multi-TB) 3D / 4D datasets in seconds
  • Innovative multi-resolution, multi-block volume rendering
  • Create stunning visuals (images and movies) from your dataset
  • Explore your datasets immersively with included VR headset
  • Two (2) years of technical support plus software updates included

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