About Us

The company started in 1999 by James Lee, Ph.D., and a core group of machine learning and pattern recognition experts as SVision. The company hold 52 patents and has received over 16 M USD from US science funding agencies.

We enable scientific advancement by creating and deploying state of the art teachable image analysis tools, immersive image visualization and interactions.

We are a pioneer and world leader in image based decision technology which enables a new generation of intelligent (learning enabled) analytical tools for a wide range of applications.


Company Facts


Year founded
Patents granted
Government funding
Sales, Support, Applications and Marketing
Algorithm and Systems
Software Engineering and QA
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Our team


High speed processing and tracking


Advanced search


Structured-guided processing
Dynamic decision and control
Machine learning


Pattern Recognition

The above numbers indicate the number of patents the company currently holds and the core technology covered by the IP item.


Find Us

Our office is a 25 min drive from downtown Seattle and 35 mins from The Summit and Alpental ski area at Snoqualmie Pass. Across the street from the office is the Crossroads Mall which offers authentic cuisine from all over the world. 

Our Address

15921 NE 8th Street, Suite 200

Bellevue, WA 98008

Sales Inquiries (Toll-Free)

1-855-423-5577 ext. 1