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Aivia Community
Fostering scientific advancement

Aivia Community is a free software created by the Aivia team with the intent of accelerating scientific research. Aivia Community was created with four main use cases in mind:


  1. open and interactively explore 2-to-5D microscopy data sets (tested up to 3 TB files);

  2. open, explore and create attractive visual outputs (such as video animations) from data sets previously analysed with Aivia AND raw microscopy images; 

  3. collaborate to create ground truth annotations and machine learning powered image enhancement and segmentation models; 

  4. preview how your trained machine learning models perform on your data.

Feature comparison

What is included?

Below is a detailed comparison of the features available in Aivia Community versus the Aivia. You are also welcome to test Aivia functionality not included in Aivia Community.

Aivia Community
Aivia full version
Render large 3D/4D datasets
- Advanced rendering options (ortho slicers and clipping planes)
Batch convert images to Aivia TIFF
Create snapshots and video animations
Review analysis results created with full version of Aivia
Pixel Classifier
- Create and save ground truth annotations
- Train and preview results
- Save trained Pixel Classifier
- Apply Pixel Classifier to image
Recipe Console (including 17 image analysis applications)
- Count and track objects in 2D/3D
- Trace neurons in 2D/3D
- Pixel and object colocalization analysis
- Batch image processing and analysis
Python integration
Edit analysis results
3D Tools
Classify objects
Train and apply deep learning models
Cloud computing
View data in Virtual Reality

System requirements

Please make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements below before installing Aivia Community. For more information about recommended hardware, please visit the System Requirements page.

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 8, or 10 Operating System (64-bit)

  • CPU: 2 GHz or faster Intel Core Duo Processor

  • RAM: 4 GB or more

  • Storage: Hard Disk with at least 100 GB free space

  • GPU: Nvidia GPU with 6 GB of VRAM or more*. Non-Nvidia GPUs may not work well or at all. *For rendering small (<4 GB) 3D datasets, a minimum of 2 GB of VRAM is needed.

System requirements

Getting started

You will find resources to the Aivia product help as well as demo images to download to help you make the most out of Aivia Community. Please refer to the Aivia Wiki for assistance on any Aivia Community features. Please note that Aivia Community is provided "as is" and technical/application support is limited to online resources, such as:

Getting started
Extend Aivia

Other Aivia Packages

When you are ready for the next step, upgrade from Aivia Community to one of the Aivia subscription plans to further accelerate your work. Contact us for more information on personalizing Aivia for your application needs.

Get Aivia Community

Download Aivia Community for free or get more information about Aivia.

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