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Image based decisions require broad competence in technologies from high speed computing and image processing, to machine learning and pattern recognition. Aivia's patented image based decision technologies are comprehensive and have proven effectiveness.

High Speed Processing and Tracking

Time-lapse microscopy sequences have created one of the more challenging applications in the image inspection field – cell and particle tracking. Aivia has best-in-class tracking algorithms developed with world class collaborators. Our processing methods are orders of magnitude faster than conventional methods.


Patents Granted


Patents Granted

Advanced Search

Aivia has special high speed and high precision search algorithms. Our methods achieve significantly higher search speed (up to 5,000x) and robustness over other technology.

Structure-Guided Processing

Structure-Guided Processing technology enhances image features and accurately detects structures of interest in noisy and low contrast conditions, and can compensate for image variations and distortions with high accuracy, repeatability and accuracy. A general purpose technology, it has been very useful for live cell microscopy experiments where the image characteristics (e.g. noise and signal level, optical distortions) change over time. 


Patents Granted
Patents Granted

Dynamic Decision and Control

Our company has fundamental technologies on object based boundary refinement, robust high content informatics, adaptive image region partition and morphologic processing. Aivia includes a versatile Recognition Frame for unified image processing and data visualization.

Machine Learning

Aivia's learning technologies enable intelligent systems for broad applications. Application engineers can create high performance solutions through fast and user friendly teaching interface. Learning technologies and patents cover segmentation learning, partition learning, decision learning and recipe creation.

Patents Granted


Patents Granted

Pattern Recognition

Through a collaborative partnership with Nikon, we have developed a suite of robust methods and models for intelligent recognition for image-based decision. These decision technologies provide the detection of structures of interest in images or image sequences, quantitiative characterization of those strucutres, and recognition of their type in broad applications.

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