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Explore Aivia Subscription Plans

Access the future of AI microscopy. Aivia's subscription model gives you the flexibility to select a plan that fits your lab's needs now, or in the future as your research needs evolve. With technical support and free software upgrades for the duration of your subscription, you will always have the latest AI-powered analysis tool for your research.

New: Access Aivia Anywhere

Tap into the power of AI image analysis anywhere. Aivia subscriptions are now available on the cloud so you can access your data and analzye images with total freedom, whether you are in the lab, at home, or at a conference.

Run Aivia locally on your own computer with an Aivia desktop subscription; or access AiviaWeb from any internet-cnnected device and leverage state-of-the-art hardware powered by Amazon Web Services. With AiviaWeb's 1 TB of permanent storage, you can seamlessly access your data on the go.

Subscription plans
Position001_Crop mirror 2_cellAnalysis_output.jpg

Everything you need to start analyzing your images

Position001_Crop mirror 2_cellAnalysis_output.jpg

Take your AI image analysis to the next level with CellBio or Neuro

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The all-in-one image analysis solution

AI DevMode

Train your own deep learning models and unleash the full power of AI microscopy

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