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Aivia Web Usage Guidelines

To ensure the best experience please read and follow the guidelines below.

  1. Your credentials are specific to your lab and cannot be shared.

  2. Use Aivia Community (Free Download) to convert files to Aivia TIFF before you start using AiviaWeb (this will save you time when you start your session as no time will be used to convert data – particularly important if you are working with data sets bigger than 6 GB). If your data sets are smaller than 6 GB you may not benefit from converting to Aivia TIFF before starting to use AiviaWeb.

  3. If AiviWeb is idle for longer than 60 mins it will log you out. Data and results will not be automatically saved by AiviaWeb.

  4. Please plan for the upload, saving and download of data to/from your permanent storage location. Use this site to estimate how long it will take.

  5. The publisher of Aivia and AiviaWeb does not take responsibility for any loss of data or results while you are using AiviaWeb. You are solely responsible for downloading all your data and results before logging out. When you log out all data and results not downloaded will be deleted instantly.

  6. Additionally to the above, the Aivia EULA applies. Violation of the usage guidelines may result in data loss and account suspension.

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