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3i + Aivia
Advanced multi-modal imaging meets advanced image analysis

3i (Intelligent Imaging Innovations) designs and manufactures cutting edge imaging systems for living cell, live cell, and intravital fluorescence microscopy including superresolution, computer-generated holography, spinning disk confocal, multi-photon and lightsheet. Slidebook software manages everything from instrument control to image capture, processing, and data analysis. Learn more about 3i's solutions.

We are proud to partner with 3i to offer a complete imaging platform combining 3i's high-performance instruments with Aivia's AI-enabled image visualization and analysis solutions. The partnership enables researchers in fields ranging from neuroscience to cell biology and developmental biology to fully leverage the latest technologies in fluorescence microscopy, cloud computing, big data volume/surface rendering and artificial intelligence.


Multi-modal imaging

Multimodal Imaging

Imaging without limits

From single molecule to whole organisms, 3i LightSheet systems (Lattice LightSheet, and Marianas LightSheet) enable live cell imaging beyond the limitations of traditional confocal modalities. The LightSheet systems illuminate the specimen using a thin sheet of light on the plane of interest, reducing phototoxicity and enabling prolonged specimen imaging at unprecedented spatial and/or temporal resolutions.

3i also offers bespoke high-end multi-modal imaging systems combining multiphoton, spinning disk confocal, superresolution microscopy and computer-generated holography. More information on 3i's microscopy offerings can be found here.

Advanced image analysis

Advanced image analysis

Visualize and analyze

Aivia's innovative multi-resolution, multi-block data architecture allows you to load, display and interact with a 3D volume in seconds. Aivia supports Slidebook files (SLD) natively, so you can go directly from your 3i imaging system to visualizing the data in Aivia.

Beyond visualization, Aivia offers four (4) easy-to-use analysis recipes designed for 3D and 4D images - 3D Neuron Analysis (results showcased in the video above), 3D Object Analysis, 3D EM Analysis and 3D Object Tracking and Lineage generation. We have incorporated cutting-edge machine learning technology in Aivia to help you tackle the most challenging applications. With machine learning, you are in control of the analysis - enhance your image and detect objects automatically using the Pixel Classifier; or extend the analysis further with the Object Classifier. Easy to learn and use, no image processing expertise needed. With Aivia Cloud users get access to cloud computing and deep learning solutions. Learn more about Aivia and Aivia Cloud.

Aivia 3D Analysis Solutions
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