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Etaluma + Aivia
Versatile, affordable, next-gen microscopy and image analysis

Based​ in Carlsbad (San Diego), Etaluma designs and builds high-resolution, inverted fluorescence microscopes for next-gen imaging. Combining solid-state optics with high sensitivity, resolution and a novel, compact design, Etaluma's Lumascope (LS) microscopes are ideal for live cell imaging.

Since 2016, Etaluma and SVision have partnered to offer a powerful and versatile platform for microscopy and image analysis with the LS systems and Aivia (marketed as Lumaquant). Together, Etaluma's versatile next-gen imaging system and Aivia's AI-enabled analysis platform form a complete workflow from acquisition to visualization to analysis.


Versatile imaging

Versatile imaging

Affordable next-generation microscopy

Etaluma's next-generation digital inverted microscopes, the LS systems, offers an attractive blend of resolution, functionality and affordability. Their solid state optics enable near diffraction-limited imaging with high sensitivity and zero pixel shifts at a fraction of the cost of comparative systems. The compact design of the LS system allows you to image in a wide range of laboratory settings (e.g. incubators, hoods, and hypoxia chambers) making it the ideal platform for live-cell imaging.

LS720 Phase bkgd sub er 160907.png

Etaluma LS 720 microscope

Powerful image analysis

Powerful image analysis

AI-enhanced analysis for 2D and 2D+time datasets

Lumaquant, powered by Aivia, is the turnkey solution for analyzing 2D and 2D+time datasets acquired on Etaluma's LS systems. Lumaquant provides all the 2D recipes from Aivia that uses advanced image processing algorithm for object detection and (where available) tracking. Lumaquant incorporates Aivia's AI-based Pixel Classifier which provides a powerful way to analyze images more quickly and easily.

Additionally, Lumaquant provides access to a wide range of morphological, intensity and motion measurements with the recipes for comprehensive analysis of the 2D/2D+t datasets. 

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