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Image Analysis as a Service

Leverage our team's expertise to accelerate your project
Custom image analysis workflows

All "off the shelve" software solutions have limitations. With IAaaS we create solutions that specifically match your project requirements.

World class experts and tools

Our multidisciplinary team of experts works together to offer the best results in the shortest possible time. We use the most advanced software and hardware tools to complete our projects. 

Cost effective

Our IAaaS is often the most cost effective solution to an image quantification problem. No need to: buy software and hardware, learn software tools or spend your time running the analyzes or preparing reports

Reproducible, accurate and scalable

Our approach focuses on automation which removes human biases thus ensuring reproducible results. The accuracy of the image quantification is secured by using internal and external quality control.

Why IAaaS?

Example applications

Exaple applications
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Tel: 1-855-423-5577

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