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Aivia 8
AI microscopy for everyone
Smart Segmentation
Parameter-Free Segmentation

Simply draw a few examples of objects of interest with the Pixel Classifier. Aivia learns from your input and automatically segments all the objects in your 2D or 3D image.

Mesh Editor

On-the-fly mesh painting allows you to create and edit meshes in 3D view by painting on a cross-section of the volume. Drawn regions are incorporated into the mesh and updated instantly.

Aivia Cloud

Easily apply pre-trained deep learning models or train your own. Access your data from anywhere at anytime via a web browser. Experience the supercharged Aivia.

Reinvented Meshes

Meshes display faster than ever before and with multiple levels of detail. High-resolution meshes are loaded as they become available while you interact with the image. 

Parameter-free segmentation

As simple as drawing a cell

  • Three new output modes: masked channel, segmentation and smart segmentation
  • Create objects in 2D or 3D automatically with either segmentation modes
  • Smart segmentation extracts physical parameters from your drawing for object detection
  • Zero image analysis expertise required

Aivia 8 adds three additional output modes to the Pixel Classifier: masked channel, segmentation and smart segmentation.


Masked channel output creates a new image output from the original image excluding the regions below detection threshold. Segmentation output creates 2D or 3D objects based on the detection threshold.


In smart segmentation mode, Aivia interactively learns from the users' drawn examples to automatically detect and partition objects of interest. The results are previewed live as you draw on the image. With smart segmentation, there are no image analysis parameters to learn or adjust, just paint a few examples of cells of interest and let the software handle the rest.

Media gallery
Contour Editor

Mesh Editor

Mesh creation on the fly

In Aivia 8, we are adding a new way to create meshes manually with the Mesh Editor. Choose any slice of the 3D volume and start painting. The mesh generates automatically and updates as you paint. Predictive auto-draw and auto-fill tools help you expedite the mesh creation process by automatically creating the annotations on the next slice you visit. You can edit the pre-computed annotations and Aivia will automatically adjust the auto-detection region on the following slice.

You can start painting the next object as soon as you complete the current one thanks to the fast, on-the-fly mesh creation algorithm. The painted slices can be exported as ground truths for the deep learning pipeline.

  • Real-time mesh painting and editing in 3D
  • Create multiple objects in parallel
  • Predictive auto-draw mode generates annotations in adjacent z slices based on initial user input
  • User edits, while in auto-draw mode, positively influence predictions on the following z slice
  • Auto-fill and auto-step to quickly progress through z
  • Export manually-created meshes as ground truths for deep learning

Aivia Cloud

Cloud Connections

Tap into the cloud

Aivia 8 is designed to work seamlessly with Aivia Cloud and is the first software solution providing an end-to-end deep learning image analysis workflow. Aivia 8 provides the tools you need to efficiently create and/or edit the ground truth data required to train your own AI model using cloud computing. Aivia Cloud enables you to easily train or apply deep learning models for image enhancement, organelle prediction and image segmentation. NO coding, image analysis or machine learning expertise needed.

Aivia Cloud leverages the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to bring you state-of-the-art hardware for training (and applying) deep learning models. You can train your own deep learning model in hours instead of days on Aivia Cloud without the hassle of buying and maintaining your own hardware. Applying a deep learning model takes minutes instead of hours or days. Aivia Cloud includes all the necessary Keras, TensorFlow and Python dependencies so you don't need to worry about any of it (i.e. installation, set up, compatibility).

The results and deep learning model can be downloaded to your desktop and reviewed in Aivia 8. No additional conversion steps needed.

  • First software to provide end-to-end deep learning image analysis
  • Train (including transfer learning) your own AI model
  • Apply one of the pre-trained models or one trained with your data
  • Download and review analysis results in Aivia 8
  • Load the deep learning model locally to apply to other datasets

Reinvented Meshes

Reinvented Meshes


The mesh creation and rendering pipelines have been optimized to further benefit from GPU computing. Meshes in Aivia 8 also includes multiple levels of detail (LOD) that enables fast loading and display of meshes - even when GPU resources are limited.

Mesh Visualization​

From Aivia 8 meshes include multiple levels of detail (LOD). Meshes of nearly unlimited size load instantaneously (less than 5 seconds) at the lowest level of detail followed by the highest LOD allowed by your video memory. This enables you to see the rendered meshes even when the graphic resource on your computer is limited.

The novel approach introduced with Aivia 8 - mesh LOD - enables file loading up to 2.8x faster and mesh rendering is up to 2.2x faster than Aivia 7.7.

  • Completely revamped mesh creation and rendering pipeline using GPU processing
  • Up to 3x speed improvements in mesh creation
  • Up to 2.2x speed improvements in mesh rendering
  • Multi-resolution mesh level of details (LOD) 
Mesh Creation

In Aivia 8, ​marching cubes and connected components algorithms use GPU in place of CPU for mesh creation. GPU processing enables extra parallel processing capabilities over CPU processing that yields up to 3x speed improvements in mesh creation over Aivia 7.7. 

More improvements

  • New block conversion engine for improved 3D volume rendering

  • IMS file support extends to tracks

More improvements
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