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THUNDER IMAGE SETS - 3 v2 GT test Luciano_z52_t000.bmp
Elevate for Neuro
Tailored image analysis solution for neuro research

Aivia Elevate for Neuro's tailored AI tools for image visualization and analysis let you focus on the research, not computer science. Specialized toolsets automate challenging neuroimaging tasks, such as neuron tracing, dendrite segmentation, and more.

Designed with research labs and core imaging facilities in mind, Aivia's simple workflows and batch processing capabilities allow scientists to take their research to the next level.

Gastric Gland for HELLA_AIVIA organoid (several in beads) LL1_z321_t000_meshOnly.jpg
Elevate for CellBio

Specialized analysis tools for cell biology research

Aivia 8.5 - ROI Processing example ROI - output wROI_1080p.jpg
Elevate for Neuro

Tailored image analysis solution for neuro research

Features Overview

Popular Features

Professionally Developed and Supported

Aivia image analysis experts are here to help you achieve your image analysis insight creation goals. Our rapid development guarantees that Aivia solutions incorporate the latest enhancements in AI microscopy, image analysis, and visualization - empowering you to tackle your challenging and evolving needs.

Software that Grows with Your Research

Aivia's flexible subscription model gives you the freedom the accommodate new project needs in your lab.

Need More?

AI DevMode adds the ability to train your own deep learning models using Aivia's compute engine. Users can choose to train a new deep learning model from scratch, perform transfer learning by leveraging one of the existing Aivia deep learning models or import externally-trained models.

Enhance your image analysis experience

Take your analysis to the next level by pairing your Aivia subscription plan with a Leica microscope.


Power. Potential. Productivity

Thunder + Aivia
Thunder + Aivia

Reach your discovery goals faster

Get Aivia for your lab

Did you know you can try Aivia risk-free for 14 days? Sign up for a free trial below or request a quote.

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