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ImageJ-Fiji Quick Tip #3: your own text window

For this tip, goal is to see how it is possible to create your own text window in ImageJ/Fiji, instead of the default log window where you would see any printed info. This allows you to display some processing info in the main log and separate some text in a parallel window.

Application examples are: create a progress "bar", a special debug window, or some results data that you could optionally and easily save as a text file...

What's the code (skip the details)

  • Create your window (replace "MyTitle" but leave square brackets)

run("Text Window...", "name=[MyTitle] width=60 height=16");
  • Add text to it

print("[MyTitle]", "My first text line" +"\n");

print("[MyTitle]", "My next text line" +"\n");

Step by Step

  • Square brackets: They are not mandatory when you create the window, except if you are using space characters. They are mandatory when printing text in your window.

  • Carriage return: By default, it is inserted at the end of any use of the print function for the default log window. Though, it is not done with custom w