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Aivia 7.5
Content Aware Feature Enhancement
Pixel Classifier
Pixel Classifier

Leverage Aivia's patented machine learning technology to automatically enhance desired image features, enabling you to easily analyze your images

Mesh Splitter

Efficiently edit 3D objects with the new Mesh Cutting tool

Live Import (public beta)

Review large 3D volumes as they are being acquired by your microscope (includes image fusion for certain types of light sheet microscopes)

Pixel Classifier

Enhance with a few strokes

  • Enhance image using our patented machine learning technology
  • Intuitive paintbrush and fill tool for defining areas / features that you are interested in
  • Works for diverse imaging applications (IHC, phase contrast, DIC, CT, TEM, SEM, Light Sheet, Confocal and more)
  • Transform your image to enable further analysis
  • Live preview of machine learning output on user-defined region

With Aivia 7.5, we are enabling better and easier image analysis for many applications and imaging modalities. The Pixel Classifier tool leverages Aivia's extensive portfolio of patented machine learning technology for image enhancement. The tool is highly flexible and works on diverse applications such as histopathology staining, phase contrast / DIC microscopy, computed tomogrpahy (CT), transmission and scanning electron microscopy (EM) and fluorescent microscopy.


The intuitive Pixel Classifier tool helps you quickly get from raw to enhanced image. With just a few brush strokes on examples of desired image features, you can teach Aivia to recognize and enhance the features for further analysis.

Application Showcase
Mesh Splitter

Mesh Splitter

Intuitive mesh editing

Editing 3D objects has never been easier in Aivia 7.5 with our new Mesh Splitter tool. To edit, select the objects you want to edit, define where to apply the cut by drawing a line across the image and apply the cut. The Mesh Splitter tool enables true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing on the displayed surfaces. Surfaces and measurements are automatically updated as you are making the edits. 

  • WYSIWYG surface editing
  • Intuitive line drawing tool for defining cutting plane
  • Two cutting plane modes - infinite and under drawn line
  • Results are updated automatically
Cutting plane modes

Live Import (public beta)

Live Import

Capture and see life in motion

Live feedback during image acquisition can make a big difference in your imaging experiments. Staying informed lets you adjust the optics and acquisition parameters on-the-fly for optimal results. In Aivia 7.5, we are launching Live Import - live 3D display that lets you view the full 3D volume in real-time from your microscope as it is being acquired.


How it works: Live Import in Aivia works with any microscope with properly-formatted image files. Before you begin image acquisition, start Live Import and point Aivia to the folder that the acquired images are stored in. Aivia periodically polls the folder and begins converting the acquired image to Aivia's multi-block format for 3D display in mere seconds. The conversion happens in the background so you can interact with the displayed volume - and any previous time point - without lag. When acquisition is complete, save the file in Aivia TIFF to show in Aivia, no additional conversions needed.


  • View images in 3D as they are being acquired
  • Convert images to Aivia's multi-resolution format automatically
  • Fuse and display multi-view lightsheet volumes
  • Save imported results to Aivia TIFF for easy future access

Got a multi-view lightsheet microscope setup? Live import has got you covered. You can fuse two views of a single channel image with Live Import and display the fused result in 3D. The fused image is also converted into Aivia' s multi-resolution format and saved to the final file - a major time-saver!


More improvements

  • User selectable measurements for object classification

  • Improved RAM usage efficiency for 3D surface display

  • Direct segmentation mode for Cell Proliferation recipe

  • 3D kernel option for 3D EM Analysis recipe

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

More improvements
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