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Three new patents issued to DRVision

These three new patents bring the total number of patents for DRVision to 48 issued, 1 allowed and 5 pending. We are particularly excited about “Progressive Decision for Cellular Process Selection” (US patent No. 9,123,120). This is a strong patent with 21 claims (4 independents) which protects our score recipe for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC). The other 3 additions to our patent lineup cover significant advancements in our fundamental technologies:

“Teachable object contour mapping for biology image region partition” US patent No. 9,122,951 was issued on Sept. 1

“Teachable pattern scoring method” US patent No. 9,152,884 was issued on Oct. 6

“Image guided protocol for cell generation” was allowed by USPTO on Sept. 4

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