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DRVision announces the launch of Image Analysis as a Service (IAaaS)

BELLEVUE, WA – March 2, 2017 – DRVision Technologies, LLC, a leader in intelligent high performance image analysis software solutions since 1999, announced the launch of Image Analysis as a Service (IAaaS). This service gives customers direct access to DRVision’s patented technology as well as it’s team of expert image analysts.

The examination of imaging data is instrumental in many areas of academic research, pre-clinical, clinical and industrial settings. Imaging enables users the ability to explore morphometric features and dynamic events (e.g. cell division using fluorescence light microscopy, synapse morphology using electron microscopy, organ morphology and function using MRI). Extracting meaningful information from image data in a reproducible, accurate and scalable manner requires bespoke software, human resources and hardware. IAaaS by DRVision provides just that.

IAaaS customers specify their unique requirements and objectives. DRVision will create the needed image analysis pipeline to achieve the agreed goals. In addition, DRVision covers several standard applications: cell/nuclei counting, cell/nuclei/particle/filament tracking, exocytosis detection, calcium oscillation, wound healing monitoring, neurite growth, 3D neuron and spine analysis. IAaaS customers can specify what output they prefer – from a spreadsheet summary plus a detailed description of the work done all the way to fully featured (includes video animations, annotated photos, graphs etc) publication-grade materials.