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DRVision announces the launch of the SVCell Recipe Station

Time lapse image analysis is no longer just for experts.

DRVision Technologies LLC, an innovator in image based decision products since 1999, announced the product release of SVCell Recipe Station (RS) for time lapse image analysis. SVCell RS provides expert image analysis results for users with no image processing experience.

SVCell RS’s recipe-driven design gets time-lapse analysis results quickly and easily. It comes installed with a growing line-up of powerful, ready-to-use analytics, called recipes, for time-lapse microscopy imaging studies covering cellular and molecular object and event counting, tracking and lineage analysis. Featuring unique frame-by-frame analysis with progressive refinement through preset analysis levels, recipe update, smarter editing, and linked data visualization tools, the Recipe Station takes you from images to quality results.

“The technologies behind SVCell RS draw on decades of experience. We have received more than US$6 million in funding via NIH grants for SVCell development.” said Dr. James Lee, President and CEO of DRVision, a pioneer in teachable image pattern analysis and an inventor of over 80 issued US patents. “Unlike the large and complex assortment of tools with steep image processing learning curve that come with microscopes, or freely available tools that require alterations by programming, SVCell RS’s recipes provide just the right tools for your time-lapse analyses.”

SVCell RS will be exhibited at the 2014 American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting in Philadelphia from December 7th to December 9th. DRVision staff will be available at booth 231 to discuss the benefits and features of SVCell RS and demonstrate the software and recipes.

For more information and for a free trial, please visit

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