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DRVision announces the launch of Aivia 5

BELLEVUE, WA – April 19, 2017 - DRVision Technologies LLC, a leader in intelligent high performance image analysis software solutions since 1999, announced the product release of Aivia version 5 for neuron analysis and visualization. Aivia combines state-of-the-art automated neuron tracing and machine learning-enabled neuron classification tools; with the latest virtual reality (VR) technology to bring you immersive image visualization and analysis.

Aivia 5 extends the recipe-driven design of Aivia version 4.08 (formerly SVCell RS) to the analysis of neurons in 3D datasets, bringing the total to 15 analyses applications. The latest Aivia recipe is powered by a state-of-the-art tracing algorithm and enables the detection and analysis of 3D neurons faster than ever before. In addition, you can take the neuron analysis further with Aivia’s machine learning-enabled classifier tool. Provide a few examples for each object class you are classifying and the software will generate the classification rules from your input. Aivia also provides three free, open-source neuron classifiers for human, mouse, and rat from NeuroMorpho’s repository of neuron data*.

“Fast (machine) learning tools are set to revolutionize the way we do image analysis both in life sciences as well as healthcare and industry. The benefits are tremendous both in terms of speed and accuracy. We will continue to draw from DRVision’s long history of machine learning technology to build more (learning) tools into Aivia in the coming months. Also, our move to support an immersive experience (virtual reality) will be followed up with additional features for both interaction and image analysis. Aivia 5 is the first and only tool that simultaneously leverages two of the most powerful and enabling technologies today: machine learning/AI and virtual reality,” says Luciano Lucas, PhD (Executive Vice President).

Aivia 5 was launched during a livestreamed webinar on YouTube: “Aivia 5 Neuron Exploration”. It took place at 12:00pm PDT on April 19th. The webinar was led by Luciano Lucas, PhD (Executive Vice President) and co-presented by Bryce Graff (Software Engineer), Hoyin Lai (Product Manager) and Quyen Tran, PhD (Marketing and Sales Manager).

For more information and for a free trial, please visit

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* Ascoli, Giorgio A. “Mobilizing the base of neuroscience data: the case of neuronal morphologies.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience 7.4 (2006); 318-324.


About DRVision Technologies LLC

DRVision works with scientists and engineers at the technological frontier, and has pioneered image based decision technologies that propelled major breakthroughs in the life science and electronics industries. DRVision is a technological innovator with 50 issued US patents, and commercial interests in X-ray inspection, survey, search / alignment, video inspection and life sciences. DRVision makes and markets Aivia microscopy image analysis software. Aivia development is partially funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under multiple Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs worth over $10M. For more information, visit

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