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Aivia Summer Workshop Series

This summer we will be hosting a series of free to attend image visualization and analysis workshops at key labs and a selection of microscopy core facilities around the United States.

At the workshop, you will learn how to use the latest and most efficient tools for image visualization and analysis. The day-long workshop will include an introduction talk about the principles of microscopy image visualization and analysis, several hands-on exercises, demonstrations and dedicated slots to review and analyze sample data sets from the participants.

Aivia 5.1 will be used for the workshop. The workshops will include the following topics: 2/3/4D image visualization, immersive image visualization (in virtual reality), 2D cell/nuclei/particle detection and tracking, 3D neuron and spine analysis, 3D cell detection, machine learning cell phenotype classification, creation of video animations for presentation.

Book your seat early. Spots are limited and are expected to fill up quickly.

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