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Aivia 6 Release Notes

full brain neuron arborization - D. Bloodgood (UNC Chapel Hill)

DRVISION is further expanding its learning-based image recognition and analysis solutions with Aivia 6. We are introducing a novel approach to autonomously segment 3D electron microscopy (EM) images using a deep learning model trained to detect cells in brain samples. We are also introducing an innovative volume rendering engine that uses multi-resolution multi-block architecture to enable the display of and interaction with multi-terabyte 3D/4D images in real time. We have also made significant display and speed improvements to our existing recipes as well as expanding our machine learning classifier and phenotype discovery tool for classification of objects in 2D.


  • Brand new 3D Electron Microscopy (EM) Analysis recipe enabling fast, automated segmentation and reconstruction of 3D objects in EM images utilizing a deep learning model

  • Brand new volume rendering engine capable of loading and rendering large (>10 GB) 3D/4D datasets in seconds

  • 3D Cell Count recipe initially launched in Aivia 5.1 has been updated with new parameters and image processing options for more accurate object segmentation and partition

  • Classifier tool functionality has been extended to 2D objects and enhanced with new novelty detection option enabling detection of novel phenotypes based on taught data

  • VR improvements including time-lapse playback, individual object selection and support for Oculus Rift headset and controllers

  • 19 new features for recipe and display improvements plus 114 bugfixes to improve stability and usability of Aivia


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