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Covid-19 crisis mitigation - Aivia tools, resources and solutions while working from home.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Original statement: 27th of March 2019

Dear community member,

The new coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is now a pandemic, is causing widespread disruption and human suffering across the world. At this unprecedented time, our thoughts are with those who are directly impacted by the virus, who are sick or that have a loved one who is - our heartfelt wishes are for a quick and full recovery.

While the biomedical community races to create and validate a long-term solution, first responders and clinical staff tirelessly care for the growing population that requires critical care - real life heros! The Aivia team is keeping a positive outlook; we are focused on staying healthy so we can take care of our families, support Aivia users and the wider scientific community.

While we continue to follow guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of the novel virus we are also working hard to limit the impact this crisis has on your work life. Universities, research institutes, and laboratories are temporarily closed, and many conferences and meetings are cancelled or postponed. Considering this new reality, we have adjusted our engineering and support efforts to create solutions that make it easier for you to continue to be as productive as ever while you work from home.

Below are the free to use tools and resources we are offering to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your research. As always your feedback is most welcome.

Our team has been working from home for more than 3 weeks and, as of now, we are staying healthy.

We wish you and your loved ones to stay safe and healthy.


Luciano Lucas, PhD


(on behalf of the whole team)


Aivia tools, resources and solutions while working from home:

Use Aivia on your home computer

Any user of a licensed (paid) Aivia can get a temporary license while they are required to work from home during the current COVID19 crisis. Simply contact AiviaSupport (at) with your request. Please include the contact details of the person responsible for the Aivia license you are associated with. Please check that your home computer fulfills the needed hardware specifications.

AiviaWeb (pre-release)

Update (06/26/2020) - Over the last 3 months we have offered AiviaWeb for free, more than 20 people used it at no cost. Now that all labs have had the time to adjust to the new reality of working remotely and/or are reopening their normal operations we will phase out this crises relief solution. AiviaWeb will stop being free from the 26th of June. Beyond that we will still offer it at a yearly subscription. Please contact AiviaSupport (at) for a quote.

We have successfully deployed Aivia in the cloud (AWS) so that you can use it via a web browser. This allows users to employ the full Aivia functionality from any computer or mobile device (e.g. tablets) with a fast internet connection. We are offering complimentary access to the pre-release version of Aivia Web least until the 30th of April. To learn more and register go to this page.

Aivia Community

The newly released free tool allows users to view and explore large multi-dimensional data, review results created with Aivia or Aivia Web and create attractive video animations. In addition, Aivia Community can be used to collaboratively annotate data sets and train machine learning models for image segmentation. See this page for all the details and to download.

Image Analysis Clinic

Update (06/26/2020) - We have changed the format of the image analysis clinic to 1-on-1 sessions to ensure that you get the help you need when it is most convenient for you. Schedule a time with our experts here.

Every week, four times per week, our image analysis experts run interactive online sessions open to the public. If you have any image analysis or visualization problem you need help with, you can join one of the sessions and ask our team. Our goal is to help you find the best solution, protocol, software (and hardware) that meets your needs. Learn more and join via this page.

Online Workshops, Demonstrations and Online Support

Update (6/26/2020) - We are doing a second round of the workshop series with modifications and new topics added. The Aivia online workshops will be held every Wednesday at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern. For more information on this 2nd round and to register, visit the Aivia online workshops page.

In the coming days we will be posting the first dates for half day online workshops focused on image visualization, analysis (using machine learning (ML) non-ML tools) and results exploration. The workshops start with a brief introduction to Aivia and are followed by a series of hands-on sessions using user data (or demo data if user data is not available). Both the Workshops and Demonstrations will run using Aivia Web which means each participant can have their own Aivia instance (accessed via a web browser) so they directly experience it. Keep an eye on our Events page for the first dates. Also, we will continue to offer online technical and application support using screen sharing and web conferencing.

The Aivia Forum

This new resource offers users an additional channel to get support from the Aivia team. Additionally, this platform allows for users to provide support and tips to other users directly. Browse the segments or use the search bar to find what you are looking for. No login required to review the content but you will need to sign up if you want to make a post.

On demand educational resources

Aivia YouTube Channel: to help users get up to speed with all of Aivia's functionality we have created a wide range of video tutorials focused on specific applications or tools.

Aivia Wiki pages (reference manual): these pages offer detailed product descriptions complete with how-to step-by-step guides to most tools in Aivia. The Wiki also includes access to demo data sets as well as many tutorials.


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