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FAQ - Pixel Classifier

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Pixel Classifier is one of Aivia's most popular features due to its easy-to-use interface, machine learning-driven algorithms and ability to handle a wide range of microscopy techniques.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the pixel classifier to help you maximize your work.

Why use machine learning (ML) algorithms?

While there are multiple benefits to ML, here are the top 3 benefits:

  1. Easier workflow since users only have to provide examples of the objects of interest instead of the rules that define the objects (size range, intensity threshold, etc)

  2. Complex objects can be detected as the model will contain characteristics beyond common measurements

  3. Ability to adapt as experiment/imaging conditions are changed. The algorithms can be modified by adding more examples

How do I create a good pixel classifier?

  • Provide examples of the variety in your objects - small and large, bright and dim, round and funky-shaped objects. The more variations you